Rosslyn Junior High School-November 5, 2012-Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


On Monday November 5, 2012, I had the honorable opportunity to speak to a junior high class of bilingual (Mandarin-English) students at Rosslyn Junior High. The presentation was held in the school’s library to accomodate the large audience. My audience consisted of grade 8 and grade 9 students. I was extremely nervous at the beginning, to the point I almost couldn’t breathe and thought I needed a …tranquilizer to calm me down. But as the presentation went on, the students made it easier for me to speak and present. The students were very responsive and so smart. According to my 13 year old niece, teenagers have a very short attention span, so I made sure I asked as many questions as they asked me. I asked questions about bullying from others, the Chinese language, the Chinese identity, and where Venezuelais. But I think the kicker was what I did at the beginning of the presentation…I spoke a few sentences in Spanish, to show that Chinese people don’t all come from China or Canada…they’re from EVERYWHERE!! Overall, it was an honorable and humbling experience that I will never forget. Teenagers and young people are the target groups I am aiming for, so, this was a fabulous opportunity. I also had the bilingual teacher, Jian Qin draw 5 student names, and the 5 winners each got a free copy of my book, signed.

Thank you Rosslyn Jr. High for giving me this opportunity!

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