Thank You Chapters/Indigo!

Today is my last day, for this year, in  selling my book at Chapters/Indigo throughout Edmonton, Alberta. Since the end of April until today, I’ve met hundreds (and probably thousands) of new people, and what an experience it has been in sharing my book with the world. It has been unbelievably rewarding to know I can connect with so many people from all walks of life, all social classes and from all age groups. I can’t wait to start putting pen to paper in writing my second book. The ideas are all in my brain right now, screaming to land on paper. Life is pretty hectic for me right now, with work and school, but once I finish my school next year, I promise to start writing my next book. My next book’s theme will center around the theme of “perseverance”. I am looking for people to interview who has gone through a unique experience with hardship and adversity. So if you know someone, please email me and let me know because I am starting to recruit!!

Thank you Edmontonians and for all the people around the world who have brought my book. Your support for my craft, my passion and for my love for writing, has meant the world to me. Should we cross paths again in the near future, please do not hesitate to stop me to say Hello!   IMG_3205

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